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What is an Authenticity Coach

 An authenticity coach will help you to
discover yourself in a humorous approach that is authentic
to your own character, personality & spirit

Mountain lake

featured Character

Whitney Wise Words

Meet Whitney Wise Words, now a gentle, young lady who's spirit was crushed as a young girl by her parents detrimental words. You will also meet her parents, Winter Wicked Words (mother) and Billy Bully Words (father) and see the coldness in their hearts. Whitney speaks on how she  has risen above and healed her own heart and strives to heal others. 


AHH is where humor meets healing

Is it time to take control of who you are and discover your

beautiful and whacky inner multitudes?


The more you explore yourself, the more you can rediscover your passions, your wonderful eccentricities, and the sooner you can stop acting like people want you to, and more like the person you want to become.


Here are some examples that you may relate to;

how to forgive yourself, how to have more fun, and how to overcome burn-out. 

Oftentimes, in order to fit in, we suppress our inner selves and develop what we call “character traitors” that can lead to self-sabotage and later unhappiness.

Learn to laugh at yourselves AND heal your negative personality traits with an authenticity coach...

Acting House of Healing will help you discover how to laugh at yourselves and your not-so-flattering character traitors

with conscious change using humor all while healing your inner selves and eliminating those negative traits.

How is this accomplished?

By bringing your authentic selves to life as personal characters, with whom you can converse and turn those negative character traitors into character traits.  



Gratula Grudge negative character traits holding grudges with no forgiveness.

Holding Grudges

Lilly lives
the lie

Lilly Lives the Lie negative character traits believing other people's truth and what they say about you, how you should act.

Believes lies told about you

Tubby Two

TubbyTwo Face negative character traits being fake and a gossip about other people.


Curious if you have your own negative character traits? 

Wondering who they could be? 

AHH's Character Traitor workshops can help

you discover your own character traitors or negative personality traits.

Learn how to express these emotions and how to deal with them going forward.

It is a dynamic, original and most importantly, a humorous way to explore yourself.


Discover your own Character Traitors!


When you know what you do, 
then you can do what you know

Meet the woman behind the curtain

Meet April, the woman behind AHH! 

April's wisdom transpired over the years from her own successes and failures. As a divorced mother of 2, she has seen it all from conquering her fears with bungy jumping to finding her faith in God and helping those in need.

About April Getz,  Founder of Acting House of Healing
Yoga by the Ocean

Pat Foreman

April Getz Strengths….they are many

Magnificent Sense of Humor
April is one of the funniest individuals I know. She has a quick wit, insightful
responses and,when necessary, ponders over life with all its angles and
morphing those ideas into her ActingHouse of Healing to help both herself and others understand the many demention of a human’s  psychic.
Embrace your Authentic Self Podcast

Listen to April's 'how to have fun with your inner character traitor' podcasts now wherever you listen to podcasts.


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