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Here is the structure of the teachings to identify your character traitors.

1. DARLINKA-CHARACTER TRAITOR. The podcast is the audio telling the story of how the child is able to solve her own problem. I hope you listen to the podcast prior to watching the video to get the depth of the learning.

2. Then there is a video of the podcast to experience the characters for yourself.


My methods to discover the traitors and deal with them in a positive way has served me all my life. For example, when I encouraged my co- workers to roleplay with me, I discovered this really works to turn their character traitors into character traits. Humor allows us to discuss difficult.



Monique Caustic Critic - She started it all.



Title of Video:

Monique Caustic Critic

Problem to solve.

Do you know the signs of burn out?


You get to meet each character. The child, the mother, and the father.

1.The child will share her problem. – Monique Caustic Critic is obsessed with doing clever work and being acknowledged

2.The mother will demonstrate what traits she passed on to the child. – Candy Cannot constantly tells Monique to just try again without offering her any solutions. Candy had to figure it out and thinks that is what her child must do.  She is afraid of anyone seeing her inadequate traits as a parent.

3.The father will demonstrate what traits he passed on to the child. – Parker Put You Down- Parker constantly focused on what Monique did wrong and expected her to figure it out. Really??? He always showed disapprove.

4.  Monique solved her own problem of Burn Out. She says the flaws she took on from her parents and healed herself.


The child solves her problem by changing her ways she learned from her parents.

The child comes into her own character strengths to move forward in life.

If you can relate to this there is a word of wisdom for you to live out.

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