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Focus this week:Lina Life Giving Force  


                                                               Video to follow.

Lina Life Giving Force

Problem to solve.

“Who do you allow to suck the life out of you?”


You get to meet each character. The child, the mother, and the father.

1.The child will share her problem. – Lina Life Giving Force realized She had to teach her parents how to be giving.

2.The mother Wa Wa Lana demonstrates that she did not feel appreciated for her talent of sewing in her fathers business “Pins and Needles”

3.The father Luke Suck the life out of you realized that he was condescending and critical of Lina and WA WA Lana.  He had to change his ways to acknowledge Wa Wa Lana for her talents.  Lina brough this to attention.


The child solves her problem by changing her ways she learned from her parents.

The child comes into her own character strengths to move forward in life.

If you can relate to this there is a word of wisdom for you to live out.


My methods to discover the character traitors and deal with them in a positive way has served me all my life. What I learned about myself is that my skills can help others.

Discover your own inner laugh guide and start living the life you want the way you want! If this sounds to you contact me to set up your own new character to live by.

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