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Do you recognize any of these negative character traits in yourself or others? 

Check out the list below! Let us know here if you have a character for AHH to bring to life!


Gratula Grudge

"Forgiveness is a sucker's game!"

Gratula has a great memory for the wrongs committed against her. But the only person this laundry list is hurting is her.

Well Gratula has taken a great first step in letting go: identifying what is causing her pain. The next step? Forgiveness. You can do it, Gratula!

Listen to April explain how Gratula Grudge was born! 

Gratula Grudge negative character traits holds onto her list of grudges and she must learn how to forgive.
Drawings courtesy of:
Sara Essam
Find her on Fiverr @ saraessameldin
Gratula Grudge
Tubby two-face negative character traits is to gossip about others while being fake.
Drawings courtesy of:
Sara Essam

Tubby Two Face

Tubby Two Face loves to gossip about others all while living her double life.


She thinks she can fool others by pretending with the fake face that a lot of people fall for.

Be real, not two faced.

April explains how Tubby two-faced came about!

Find her on Fiverr @ saraessameldin
Tubby Two Face

Lilly Lives the Lie

Lily Father's name is "B.S." and her Mother's name is "Phyllis Full of It".  

The message here is don't believe what others tell you when it is their truth.

 Don't take it on. 

Listen to how Lilly Lives the Lie was created!

Lily Lives the Lie negative character traits Don't believe what other people say about you when it is there truth.
Drawings courtesy of:
Sara Essam
Find her on Fiverr @ saraessameldin
Lilly Lives the Lie
Luke Sucks the life out of

Luke sucks the life
out of you

Devon Diciplinary_edited.jpg

Devon Disciplinary 


Justy Justice

Wanda Dont want to take a stand_edited.jpg

Wanda Don't Want to
take a stand

Should Should Terd_edited.jpg

Should Should Terd

Pickty Penny_edited.jpg

Pickty Penny


Gushing Gorge River_edited.jpg
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