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April is a real character...

April Getz is not an actor, but has been acting from her late teens to her "wise years" (as she puts it).




Because, like the majority of us, April has

wanted to fit in and to find connection.

And what better way for the round peg to fit

in the square hole than to act square?

But when one of those square holes is your career and another is your marriage of 25 years,

acting like you fit only gets you so far. So April stopped acting and started searching.

And what she found on the other side was, for the first time, herself.


While April has given up trying to fit, along the way she discovered the improbable:

that learning to fit has shown her how to access a variety of inner selves.

Now April wants to share her skill with others so they can stop acting

and start living with strong character traits.

April's Influences


April Getz Founder Acting House of Healing
Student Laughing

April believes in conscious
change using humor

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