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If you are someone who worries more about fitting in then finding yourself, check out April’s Character Traitor Podcast for Guidance

Trying to fit in. It is something that most of us endeavor to do throughout our lives. School, family, and work often all prioritize fitting in. For some of us, we sacrifice a lot of ourselves to do this. We temper certain personality traits, quirks, eccentricities, and ways of acting because we are afraid about the judgement we might receive from others. Worse, we often think that by not fitting in we are endangering our chances at finding friends or a partner. Fitting in seems to dictate our future happiness. April knows all too well how acting like this can be detrimental to your long term happiness and health. By slowly chipping away at your true self, we begin to lose track of what made us happy in the first place. When we lose that sense of happiness, next comes our sense of direction. Before too long, we have spent so much time sacrificing ourselves to fit in that we have lost all sight or sense of what we wanted in the first place or what truly makes us happy.

If this sounds like something you struggle with or can relate to, check out the Character Traitor Podcast. During each episode, April has humorous conversations with many character traitors in order to help listeners identify and grapple with their own character traitors. This is a "How to" have fun acting out this character traitor. No doubt you will recognize some of them in your life the more you listen! In lieu of her Character Traitor workshops, these podcasts can be a humorous and educational way to deal with our inner struggles. She posts often and has plenty of character traits for people to listen to and learn from. Check the podcast out on her website today, take it with you on a run, a workout, or even a long drive.

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