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Self help is here! 

Discover your own Character Traitors through AHH's unique Character Traitor Workshops with self discovery steps & online coaching!

Humor is at the center of April Getz’s philosophy and believes that

it is one of the most powerful ways a person can self-explore

and enrich themselves. No one is one-dimensional and we

all have various traits, or sides of our personality.

For instance, there may be a judgmental version of yourself,

there might be a version of you that blames others for your

problems, there may also be part of you that is always

concerned with being right above all else.


April teaches you how to identify these different character traits through her Character Traitor Workshops; a unique and imaginary process in which you learn how to identify your traitors and their signs, converse and laugh with them and ultimately forgive and heal your inner self. 

Character Traitor Workshop

What to expect during and after the workshop?

During a one-on-one with April, you will identify your own character traitors and

turn them into an actual comical character. By doing so, you remove the barrier of self

and are able to converse with these various character traits directly.

April likes to turn this process into a humorous one, allowing individuals to explore,

express and interrogate these versions of themselves. By externalizing and exaggerating

these character traitors through comedic performance, you are more easily able

to recognize how these traits can negatively affect your life.

After the completion of the workshop the next time you are feeling judgmental,

you will know this character traitor and their traits and can use your emotional

roadmap to deal with them. In short, they will be like an old friend that you can predict

and work with or against, depending on the situation.

Throughout the process you can expect a dynamic, original, and most importantly,

humorous way to explore yourself!


When you know what you do, 
then you can do what you know

A word from April

humor can heal

"Humor is often a more effective tool for self-diagnosis and discovering self-awareness than it is

given credit for. After all, there is something to the old adage “each joke contains a grain of truth.”

Humor allows us to discuss the difficult, sometimes painful ideas and traits about ourselves. It helps

us realize what is important and how outrageous life can be. Humor is something that

believe in and use it throughout all of my work. 

Chances are you probably spend a lot of time arguing and conversing with your inner selves

already. By creating structure and applying methods to this, you can finally get at what has

been bothering you for so many years. You can literally argue with yourself! By emphasizing humor,

this exercise becomes more constructive and less destructive.

Whether it is from my Character Traitor workshop, video blog, or podcast, humor is the cornerstone of how I approach my work and passion. Talking to a characterized version of yourself may sound a bit silly, but all you have to do is read the testimonials to see how effective this method is".

Not ready for a one-on-one workshop?
No problem! 

Follow April's self guided process below

Follow this 4 week online guide that will guide you through the process of finding and exploring your own unique character traitors!

Week 1

What is one situation that is a pattern that results in a negative impact in your life? 

1.  What does this character do?

2.  When was the character born?

3.  Playtime with your expression.

Week 2

What can we learn from this Character?

1.  Use the humor to build

     a new story.

2.  Who are you with the

     lime light on this character?

4.  Demonstrate this new version.

Week 3

How can I use this for my new story?

1.  New Beginning - Structure

2.  Five ways to communicate

3.  Connect to your own style

4.  Try it out

Week 4

How do I end my story with this crazy character

1.  Knowing this character

     as a friend

2. Share how you shared

    your new story

Stuck on a step? No problem! 

April is always here to help in your discovery process. Send her an SOS and let her help you discover your character traitors.

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