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Explore your inner multitudes and Find yourself at the Acting House of Healing

If you constantly feel like you are a round peg trying to fit in a square hole and are struggling to find who your inner self is, or are struggling to discern all of your inner multitudes, then turn to the Acting House of Healing. April Getz spent more than a quarter century attempting to “fitting in” and finding connection. Because of this overwhelming desire, she often acted as a person she was not, performing the role of square instead of embracing her roundness, so to speak. After twenty-five years of attempting to be a square, she finally broke out of those confines and began searching for how to laugh at herself. While not an actor in the traditional sense, April “acted” in the ways that many of us do: acting a certain way to fit in. Oftentimes, in order to fit in, we suppress our inner selves and develop what April calls “character traitors” that can lead to self-sabotage and later unhappiness.

April wants to share her knowledge through teaching and helping others. When we stop acting like people want us to and learn to be in touch with ourselves, we can discover our own inner laugh guide and start living the life you want the way you want! If this sounds like you, then climb aboard this wild train with April. She’s a real character and wants to help you discover where your best selves are and how to use them to your advantage.

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