About AHH

To tie this into my Vision of “ A unified world through ones act of connection” is this

A is the door to the house. The act of our lives. 

The first H is the current house which people live in which is a little distorted.

The second H is the straight House, the house of healing  (balanced and right form)

The HEALING H supports the A (the Act) and the current distorted House which is needed and built upon.

You act a certain way and then when you see the house you have is a little distorted and want to change.  This ACT is realized as distorted and then you connect to your own knowingness

Of “You know what you do”. The system takes you to the Act of healing your own home,


To do what you Know.  This is the knowledge you get from the System. TO DO WHAT YOU NOW KNOW!

Acting House of healing offers a system to heal from the inside out.

Remember that the only way we can grow is with compassion.  I ask you have you ever seen a teenager without passion?  OMG we take things too seriously and I guarantee that you will also be entertained by my gitty teenager and my inner critic that I have named Monique.

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