The TETRAD Expanded

I was looking for something to feel comfortable to connect my mind and my heart. My 25 years of marriage the question always came up for me why do I not feel good.  I just didn’t know what to do.  I tried journaling and found the same garbage was coming out on paper that was rambling around in my mind.  My continued search for the knowledge to settle down the disconnected part of myself finally led to a complete crash and burn.  When I looked at the Unconscious Tetrad below, I realized I was always thinking in shame and anger.

The Tetrad is the form of all activities that lead to change of order.

So right now you are experiencing discomfort in some area of your life.  It could be what you say or do.  Both of these are being driven from toxic feelings.  Take a look and think about an area you connect to in this tetrad.  Then we will look at how to move from the dark across the bridge to the light.  This is a point of determining where you are.  See if you can relate to each point and see for yourself in how this is affecting your life.

When you see where you are this is the first step to seeing the connection on the dark side the level of living unconsciously. Everything comes from being so the end result is unhappy because of the nature of natural connection.  In addition Female and Male energies live within.

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