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It is time for self awareness, it is time to discover you

If you are someone who is yearning to become more self-aware, if you are someone who would like to discover you again, then let April Getz guide you on this journey. April spent too long hiding her round peg self in square clothes, so to speak, and does not want others to have to do this for any longer than they have to! Liberate yourself through humor. Log onto her website and check out and listen to her podcast, watch her video blog, and read her poetry. Laugh out loud, cry, and discover you through April’s ingenious and amazing process of self-discovery.

The process of learning who one is, what one wants, and how to be your best self is a difficult one. That is a given. That said, there is no reason that the process has to be more difficult than it needs be! By prioritizing humor through her process, April’s methods of self-discovery allow you to grapple with your inner demons in a positive way! Discover how rich you are and address your own character traitors through comedy. All the time you will be encouraged and taught by April’s trademark combination of humor, compassion, and love. Self awareness does not have to be a painful process, it should be a rewarding one. April is convinced it should be a humorous one, as well. Log onto her website and start laughing and treating yourself today. Enjoy the experience to laugh at yourself.  April believes that laughter is the best medicine!

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