I have benefited from April’s framework of self-awareness.


We went for a lunch-walk; and during that time, April used good questions to get to the heart of workplace scenarios I had faced in the past.  Using her framework of self-awareness, she introduced me to a mindset which challenged me.  April’s framework challenged me to see myself in terms of deeply examining my beliefs, my behaviour, my self-identity, and my self-expression.  It was from this comprehensive self-awareness fool that April advocates the lifelong process of aligning these 4 aspects of self.

April also walked me through role-playing different workplace scenarios; and it was here that her framework approach came alive!  It became clearer to me that my self-beliefs relate directly to my self-expression, self-identity, and behavior.  And so, I left our lunch-walk inspired, better informed, and more courageous!



"April has an unique gift of writing poems that warm the heart and have you feeling special. When she attended a dinner that I hosted, she listened to the conversations of the guests, then wrote a poem that tied in a special uniqueness of each person. Looking at the guests faces when their words were said you saw smiles knowing they had been heard and felt they were part of something special. I would recommend April be a poem writer for your event. Ask about Monique, this is hilarious when she brings Monique into the mix.


Mona Cooley



April’s poetic prowess captures the moment or the vision she desires to convey.  Her passion and commitment has endeared her to many who have been the lucky recipients of her poetry and her wisdom in words.   




I was so fortunate to be in April's 90-day role play program and be gifted one of her poems! She took all of us on a magical journey, from her big heart and with her words. I experienced myself in a powerful new way—I’ll have that forever!!  She elegantly and skillfully wrapped it all up with one of her beautiful, heartfelt poems!”




Twice I’ve been blessed to be a recipient, and subject, of April’s creative, poetic brilliance.  Twice I’ve been awed by her talent and spontaneity.


April is a gifted and insightful poet whose work is captivating, uplifting, intimate, funny, rich with imagery, and generous of spirit.

She delights her readers and subjects by taking them on poetic journeys through curious and creative explorations of life events, challenges, and ultimately of empowerment. 


Some people choose to sit for a portrait, entrusting the artist to interpret onto canvas their life energy, physical features and expressions. 

The gift of April’s poetry is a different type of portrait.  The ‘portrait’ is her interpretation of a life or an experience, an interpretation informed by insightful connections and translated into captivating verse….and each as delightful, unique, and beautiful as the subject!



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