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Yummy Conversations

original post date 2018-12-30

This poem is a result of working with a Chef and Cool Family Solutions. The purpose of this event was to bring families together that have had trauma and create the environment for them to connect with each other at a sit down meal. The Magic occurred easily. Chef Ben was very talented.

Monique was a stubborn one that really did not like taking orders from Ben. She eventually caught on that Ben was the Boss and rightly so. (I have a lot of respect for this art.)

When the guests were getting to know each other and really enjoying the meal, Monique listened and composed a poem for the guests.. The poem included something personal for all the guests. Each guest left with a full tummy and a full heart.

Sometimes it feels like family when you least expect it

A delicious meal sharing and feeling that you belong and shout I do fit

Feeling good with a full tummy and a content heart

The moments that stand alone and are special set apart

Carve out the time and treasure the event

Times are precious and hold it like a gentle child, moments well spent

Sometimes the thoughts creep in that I can’t be happy like all the others

They have no idea what it is like for me and the deep well I felt so smothered

And I catch myself in this split second this minute and see who is in front of me

I forgot that I do have a place and begin to listen and the worries drop away so free

We talk to each other and we hear each other and connect to release the lost hope

Together is a place for everyone: your voice, my voice and we embrace so that we can cope

Bringing the worlds jointly as one is when we get lost in no separation

To be a part of the magic we create that is without preparation

What a relief from the to do list – the right way – Just be and play

This is the true essence of family wouldn’t you say

Whether you are alone doesn’t mean you are by yourself.

You can gather with others at the table and feel the wealth

Life can be scary like being on the scaffold

Dangerous and blinded by things that baffle

Other elements brings us together like playing the music

Just another way for the heart and mind to fuse it

Watching Ben and Monique fighting yet the magic has begun

Like a true family we fight but then we eat and smile and the bad is forgotten

Uniting with Food for the body and soul always keeps the communication to flow

For your family to nourish and blossom and grow.

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