What is it in me?

What do you see in me that brings forth your greatest fear?

Shame is the enemy and always attacks from the rear

What do you see in me that rocks you to the core

What do you see in me that reflects you’re less and you want more

Rules of this game is to protect and attack

Do you believe this is true and the fact?

Dump on others and let them carry your shame

You are entitled of course because you wear the badge of fame

I warn you those that hurt others to gain

The price will be of your own innate pain

What gives you the right my friend to hurt me

Your heart must be troubled now looking and searching

I don’t mind if you share of your needs to be healed

When we connect and share more magic is revealed

The power lies in all of us from every point of view

To bring insight and expansion and for me to be me and you to be you

What do you see in me that is so hurt inside you?

What do you see in me that is so beautiful?

What do you see in me that crushes your heart?

What do you see me in that can give you a new start?

What do you see in me that keeps us apart?

What do you see in me that can help you change?

What do you see in me to expand your range?

What do you see in me that you can love about yourself?

What do you see in me that you have never felt?

I grant you grace to see me as unique and wonderful tree

This tree is not fat nor too skinny or too smart

This tree is not the wrong color that sets us apart

This tree is the real deal in any way I express

I stand tall and strong in my style and ways

Grow with me my friend and be open to the rays

For the sun does not pick the one that deserves

It shines on all and we grow together

So what is it me?

Hugs April Getz

Acting House of Healing.

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