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How does the transformation begin is it something that occurs from within

Is it something that is truly living?

Is it something that is truly hidden?

Is it something that is only given?

Am I to receive such a gift?

Do I deserve or is it a myth?

Nature is being the foundation the place that is

I am part of this and so often in my mind such a quiz

What is my earth like? I have weeds that I continue to extract

To no ending they keep coming back

Ok I say to myself that is just the way it is that is who I am

To which I add I am not a fan

Close my eyes and heart so it will go away but relentless this soul to show me the way

A dusting of knowledge comes my way an act of kindness reaches in

Creates a crack in the wall and lets in some light

To loosen my hold to no longer a fight

I am tired but open to hear from within.

To see my foundation of what has been built in.

I discover and learn that to unlearn is the direction to head

Instead of looking for the weeds plant more flowers instead

Creating and allowing natural growth to do its task

Instead of plucking and picking enduring the wrath

Once the flowers begin to grow then life begins to flow

I Be I am I Say I do are one together balanced to grow

This IS true my foundation is stronger

More friend’s nice things and things to ponder

Creating myself again is a loving act to evolve and transform

Dropping old coats of many years worn

Light yet strong protected and true

Authentic self-it’s OK to be you

Acting House of Healing – You know what you do- then you do what you know

How to Heal Yourself. Love April

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