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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The Man On The Street

You walk by me almost every day

I wonder to myself is this your path of today

I cannot be a judge but I feel something sad

It moves deep within me and makes me really mad

How does this happen in front of my eyes

Despair I see or maybe it is lies

I bet I have seen you for over 10 years

Walking the same road and the same clothes it appears

I finally said that I have to talk to you - get through somehow

See if your gift inside will be lit and allow

For this gift must be magnificent for all that you have endured

You must give it away for others to be cured

Our hearts are tied in some way I cannot explain

This compelling urge to acknowledge your pain

I don’t know why I am doing this

I can’t help myself you cannot be missed

I recently learned that I cannot understand

But I can make a difference by taking a stand

Perhaps these are the words that you need to hear

My god I feel it so rich and sincere

I cannot look the other way I must do what I can and say what I say

I hope you hear me to heal in the deepest way

Taking you in a new direction one that will pay

Let the words drift in like a soft summer rain

Soaking and soothing washing away the pain

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