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The Little things.

How do the little things affect everything?

It could be the little thoughts that live in the mind and sing

Pay attention to the little things that say stop what you are doing

For this is truth of new events ensuing

My mind sends little things that I wonder are true

Questioning me in me who is who

I fight for the past comforts of being for me

But I want something different of what I see

This burning in my soul for true love is daunting to expose

Maybe this is the lesson to just open in truth and not to pose

A life of acting has kept me in wrong place

Now my body said stop and take a look at what you have to face

It has been so hard on my own for 12 years but I guess I chose this for my soul

This knowledge comes to me like great wisdom on a treasured scroll

I saw myself as weak and wanted to learn

That I deserve approval and have a say

So I have experienced that in my own way

Now I am ready for true love of the lessons infused

Watch the little things that unravel and show

Releasing tension and going with the flow

All things matter big or small it is part of the whole to become tall

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