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shelly shattered pieces

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

"Shelly Shattered Pieces", her Mother's name is "Melody Missing Pieces" and her Father's name is "Billy Broken Pieces"

Growing up, Shelly didn't really have a strong sense of self.

One event really hurt her. Her father built her a doll house. Shelly played with her imaginary family in this house. Then something terrible happened. When Shelly took her people upstairs in the doll house the roof caved in.

She was devastated that her people were hurt. She thought Billy Broken Pieces may help her rebuild it but he only accused her of breaking the house.

Shelly was so hurt. She would never hurt her imaginary family.

She sat and looked at Billy and how he had always been. She realized he built things that would always fall apart. He took no ownership. He blamed others all the time. He would not accept any help from others because he “knew it all”.

Melody Missing Pieces would try to intercede and offer a missing piece that Billy could not see. Billy rejected her as well. This led Shelly Shattered Pieces to look at what she could do.

She decided to research and rebuild her own doll house again. She did this successfully but the real magic here is that she discovered her true innate passion.

Shelly started to add things for her family to the house like pots and other ornaments. She liked this so much that she decided to start pottery classes and now works at a pottery shop. Shelly enjoys making pottery for people that is custom designed to each family. She listens to the story of the whole family and designs something specific to them. This ended up being a real success for her.

Shelly exclaims that she stands tall on her own two feet. What she means by this is that she is sharing her gift, which she created from her authenticity.

Shelly found the missing piece by taking charge of rebuilding the doll house herself, which led her to her passion of designing pottery. Shelly did not try to make this happen; the pieces fell together as she worked through rebuilding the doll house and putting her passion and heart into it. Voila!!!

"My story: I was shattered at one time. I went to Burn Out as well. I didn't pay attention to the signs. (I was full of anxiety, could not sleep, could not make decisions, the work that I was doing was non-productive and I attracted toxic relationships.)

This is April with the "Acting House of Healing". Are you broken like Shelly Shattered Pieces? I encourage you to find your passion piece that sets the foundation that is unbreakable. Contact me. Love, April

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