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Through the I’s of Faith is when I can truly see

I first came to you hopeless and lost

Trapped with my internal critic who is boss

Full of anxiety could not face my world anymore

Scratching and falling down trying to open the door

Keep taking the pill to go to sleep

This climb for me was just too steep

Yet I felt some hope with you Phil

You reached inside where the mind is still

Being able to light the candle of will

It is funny that in that moment I felt it too

Getting off the sleeping pills was what I had to do

You could not help me I had to do this by myself

You gifted me with hope I can do it with help

I left in a fog yet in a shield of faith

Repeating the prayer to lift the weight

You looking back at me I could feel your heart

Your love you gave so I could restart

I knew this was my greatest test

To trust in God and lay the beast done to rest

I remember repeating the prayer so many times over and over again

When I was in Renfrew with all the different realities around me in pain

I hung onto you Phil as well as God

The battle of demons is what I fought

When I came back you were delighted and affirmed my gain

You acknowledged the suffering and assured that it was not in vain

No other could do this to which I am so grateful

Pealing of the layers that were so deceitful

A missed identity where the true self sees

Is your offering to those that are blinded in need

Forever I am grateful and others will be healed

Because your work of God transcends this field

To others beyond you and I

And that is the greater good and Why

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