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Back on the Road My Son

You were one year old prancing around a delight to anyone who was within sight

You brought smiles and ease to everyone’s life

Your spirit is delightful with a calming knowing of truth

That which you give with abandon and deep root

I am blessed to have you as my son straight from day one

Even through the pain to join this world as my son

When you got sick at a year old so precious to take this fall

I remember after the operation you danced and brought smiles to all

I marveled at this display of magnificence

This determined display of persistence

You continue in life and I say your spirit comes together gives you grace

You take it in with the love that is placed

You teach me too my beloved son

I made mistakes too although what is done is done

I remember your wise words at 11 when your father and I split you said just move on

A profound statement for a young one that is a pon

Then along comes the age of 17

Making life changing choices being a Teen

Your heart was broken and you fell

Hard and deep lost in the well

This evil of wrong words spoken

Misleads the heart for what was woven

You’re in turmoil shook your foundation of belief

You landed in a pool of rage and reprieve

So as a mother I come in to save you

Honestly feeling like this is the right thing to do

The terror I felt that you could have died

Can’t let go this obligation so tied

When I gave you your space

You then found right place

You received this knowing of self being so young is gold

Deeper thinker you are my son that many do not hold

You are now a teacher strong and bold

Your motto is the truth will be told

Your heart now healed attracts that which is earned

You will be amazed by the lady that stops and turns

Happens naturally no fight or concern

Be open my son to life’s wonderful gifts

Which will always support you and give you a lift

Love Mom

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