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Mom Me

Souls are born new and renewed

As reflection in the mirror or in you

A seedling grows and you see yourself

Only better this time somewhat with svelte

So a message comes from where we can only guess

Perhaps it is the place where we go to rest

The words aren’t there but the feelings are strong

That we are all created equal there is no wrong

The love goes deeper than we can ever know

Until we look closely and it begins to show

My heart aches of the love that has been lost

But it is never too late, the bridge has been crossed.

I see you and you see me in each other’s eyes

To look for the greatness is what seals the ties

Oh I love you Mom forever and a day

I know how you feel and what you want to say

So just hold me close and rejoice in our good

Let Mother Nature and Father Time allow things to be as they should.

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