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Everything and Nothing

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

original post date 2018-06-16

This poem was a result of connecting to my energy that is defined as Daughter Heart. She is curious and very devoted to find true love. It tells a story about love being born.

In addition, I did not realize that this poem could have an effect on people like I witnessed. It was truly a gift from God.

The first part of the poem is about love and the power of love.

In three cases the effect that this poem had on a couple of individuals was profound.

One individual was reached at a very deep level and helped her move some dark toxins she was dealing with.

Then another gentleman was speechless and could hardly express his appreciation for this poem.

The third person said that this would be published one day and he was impacted to the level to express his love that it touched him deeply. He shared that he is a person that does not cry - well he wept. He shared that this poem was a reflection of his life. He was a person in service that was guided by Saint Christopher.

I then was motivated to finish the poem as a dedication to him. I fell in love with him. It was these moments in time that I will always cherish to this day. I really felt love for this warrior and his burning desire to be heard and loved.

I am the little girl and the feather. My mentor the willow.

The great darkness expanded everywhere, there was nothing – yet something – or is it everything?

No boundaries free flowing, being, and reaching – never ending- yet it is one thing.

A thought enters the darkness and there was a casing of light

This beauty revealed – gave her meaning and in holding this – there was sight.

In this meeting of the great forces of life – what do we know?

A new emerges out of this – connect in love – which it does bestow

You great mother give depth and understanding, and you great Father show the service

The daughter gives excitement and they connect – the ultimate of meaning and purpose

Cries of joy, lightning, rain pores down in huge droplets targeting the place of growth

She opens and receives all that is given in his mighty strength for the passion of the heart

Many seeds are tossed around in the winds of chaos in the storm

Daughter continues to dance and celebrate the unity of norm

The know that this is what is, all to be not a foreign eye of ego to distort the see

She knows and laughs, because it is all to be – my “I” and not flee

Goodbye to ego unless you support thee to be me.

A calling is put forth and the great warrior comes through

He ventures forward and brings the knowledge in tact

For the seed has flourished in him which shows

Making footprints for all to follow and grow.

The sun is bright and he stands tall in the field of willows

The bruises on his neck unseen – long gone billow

A gentle breeze brushes his face like a soft warm feather

And his heart is full of love to stay forever

For the voice of this brave moved to warrior in fruition

Fulfilling the long hard journey from the light of vision

One becomes all as they deliver penitence

Thus follow this warrior with deep reverence

The stillness is takes its place in the know

It is what is - the love to bestow The now to become one in unity designed

The heart leads with no map of a sign

The ego falls away to open to light

Guided trust and with this there is no fight

The beauty unfolds and leads the way

Letting go of tomorrow and yesterday

The wonder and devotion needs no words said

It is the heartbeat that speaks more volumes instead

Released from the forest of darkness past

The weight on the warrior falls easily from his shoulders

Lightness new passage is now before him

The warrior claims his true love of faith

All is served walk on Sais the saint

For it is to be with thee for all to see

In glory united in life together as one

Finally peace the long awaited outcome

Surrendering in Love

A celebration of Willow and Feather, and so it is.

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