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Born into a family of high expectations

To be your best with the hidden limitations

Easy for me to learn many things

I shined in taking on new roles and tasks

My voice was strong and true I thought with no mask

I would lead groups that was designed and of course no play

Giving guidance and naturally lead was fulfilling for me - I have to say

Even though I was shy this came out in me and affected others in a positive way

Then I became a young adult and starting to discover things

Needing attention and some freedom and to find some wings

I fell down and became pregnant at 21

Should I keep the baby or should I run

I decided that this is a life that was gifted to me to claim

However it was met with such disappointment and grave distain

As I swirled down and down into a great depth of grief

My voice was silenced I could see no relief

I lost my way and they did not care

Soon it became too dark it was not fair

I would swim in the torrents of shame

Consistantly taking on all the blame

Now at 25 - Do I live or die

My voice could not be heard – Why?

Then the words from God came back to me

Leading me to light of my authentic self to see

From jaded to Jayde speaking from my heart

To live and share for all to be a part

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