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It’s not just a process

I remember the day that Al introduced you

You seemed so quiet and subdued.

Did my judgment come out to put you in a box?

Yes she did and what a paradox

You worked very hard and built a place for JV to stand

Learning about Oil and Gas and the stuff about the land

Keeping all the kitties in the corral when things go a stray

Leading with knowledge compassion and making your way

You said April stop helping everyone look closer today

I had a hard time letting go of this being the one to say

I liked people coming to me for guidance and play

The benefits showed up right away

You recognized that I need to create and speak

Designing the JE and reconciliations to steep

Quick fix big picture a habit of mine

Put me in an emotional bind

You took the lead and guided me through

That was when my loyalty came true

A tear and some red in my face

Thank You for noticing I am human with grace

I want to say that song - to her with love

But that would sound funny I know

Reaping the lesson you did sew

Forever I will cherish and will always grow

A little sprinkle of the effect you had on me

Just wanted to share so everyone could see

You will be missed Joan but we wish you the best

Keep your pep and smile and your lightning zest.

Hugs from JV Accounting NAL Resources and April Getz

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