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I Hear You

original post 2018-11-21

The results of 90 Day Role Play.

To boldly go where no voice has gone before

From a lost heart to a soaring star

Bringing light to others from deep within

Is your gift to share for others to win

Sometimes it happens like a child at play

In the field of dreams in the wide open space

To just jump and laugh with no purpose in mind

Is often the time when the wisdom unwinds

The tears can fall like the sprinkle of rain

Only for the sun to shine in the spots of pain

This is a way of being that is often missed

Being open and curious which wonder does assist

Letting go of the words and dance to your voice

Unfolding the insights that come with choice

Then along comes the passion which lifts to a new height

The promise of all goodness and treasures that is your right

Weaving in colors and wearing the magical shoes

Demands that we stand for all who have paid their dues

And it takes tenacity and courage to really get in touch

With music and people that matter so much

A tender soul that has so much to give

Finally released and ready to live

Bless we are to hear and witness the price that was paid

Bow down and appreciate the life given and laid

Getting past the anxiety and speaking honestly

Is louder and a powerful message in modesty

Maybe this isn’t the price is right

But it sure give us a vision that feel so very bright.

Remember always that you are confident and brave

Come out to the open out of the cave

Leaving no heart untouched in your presence in your space

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