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When I met you, I knew you had more of your light to shine

We laughed together and knew we are of the same loving vine

Thank You for sharing this story of yours that has a very special message

One that not only gives others a place to relate but also a way of passage

In your bondage of being controlled and suppressed

You prepared the entertainment and dressed your best

Fulfilling the roll of expected behavior and hide your good

Even if it means that you are not understood

Maybe it was after the 2nd or 3rd time of being betrayed

That something triggered that the word that was not said

I would never do that to anyone --- surely, he can see this in me

That I am loyal and committed to help you see

Yet he continues to hit me and disapprove of me

I keep searching inside to see how I can change

Perhaps this is how I can control this rage

I swivel and toss around like a canoe in the ocean

The waves are high, and I ride the motion

Yet nothing changes… what else can I do?

Ok that is fine I will ride it out being real and showing I have no doubt

My love for him will certainly win

But to my surprise this is not his view

He planned it and discarded me I was through

Leaving me with nothing standing on the road

What do I do? I am shocked with this burden and heaving load

He took it all, the money and all we owned

Ok now what? where do I turn?

I let go and say I do not have to learn

I leave it to the Lord and say please take this turn

As I let go of trying to figure it out

Things came to me and I did not even shout

I trusted him to deliver me and that is what counts

Well my friend you made it through

In your bondage you developed so much talent of song

In what ever way you are strong

You are owning it in your new path of faith

And the world is ready to receive you it is not too late

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