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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

original post date 2018-08-18

I have been working Confident Claudia in our program 90 Days Role Play to Confidence.

The M.A.G.I.C. Making Authentic Growing Inspiring Change actually happened. It was so beautiful to see the growth with the participants. Using the Tetrad as the foundation combined with Claudia's dynamic leadership we were graced with the results of amazing changes. The time went by so fast. Connecting and sharing was so much more than expected. This poem is a result and a gift to our participants.

XXX a young man with a big heart and wide eyes

A curious mind and dedicated to his why’s

I have watched you grow into a renewed and respected leader

Not only are you owning your skills but you continue to be a seeker

You walk your talk and it invites the same from all that surround you

Setting up the path with commitment loyalty in all that you do

The intelligence is there and now combined with your magical smile

You are guaranteed to be successful now and for a very long while

Transformation is yours and transparent you are

This is a gift that will carry you far.

XXX you are a light that lifts people to a better place

You able to see inside and display the beauty on every face

I have seen you open to things that were not so comfortable

At the same time you held your feet firm and created something desirable

Letting go of guilt and being true to yourself

Unleashes the magnetic spark that enhances your skill

You cannot compare this to anything out there

It is yours to own and create the desires of your heart

Which will come to you naturally and this sets you apart

XXX you are a safety net and woman of great song

With a voice that has risen from pains of wrong

You cannot be silenced at all anymore

When you speak everyone hears and this helps them soar

Wholeness is within your being showing up for you now in all that you are seeing

It is beautiful to watch when you let go of the sheet

Your stories come alive in your eyes when you speak

Always share and give this away

For you never know the hearts you touch also have something to say

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