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Character Script

Title of Video:

Gratula Grudge – Holds onto Grudges

Problem to solve.

“Do you hang onto grudges?”


You get to meet each character. The child, the mother, and the father.

1.The child will share her problem. – Gratula Grudge realized that holding grudges are toxic like poisonous spiders.

2.The mother Should Should Turd demonstrates that she enjoys dumping her shoulds on her daughter.

3.The father Rezi Resentment demonstrates that it is valid to hold on to grudges. Really? He also doesn’t even notice some hanging on him. It is like it is a part of him. People do see it even if he can’t.


The child solves her problem by changing her ways she learned from her parents.

The child comes into her own character strengths to move forward in life.

If you can relate to this there is a word of wisdom for you to live out.


My methods to discover the demons and deal with them in a positive way has served me all my life. What I learned about myself is that my skills can help others. For example, when I encouraged my co- workers to roleplay with me, I discovered this really works to turn their character traitors into character traits. Humor allows us to discuss difficult, sometimes painful ideas and traits about ourselves.

Discover your own inner laugh guide and start living the life you want the way you want! If this sounds like you contact me.


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