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The girl that wants to fit in.

I am doing what I think is right to fit in

I see you people and look for the space of win

Show you that I am like you and you will connect with me

Please see that we are one and more power as we

Yet I am still on the outside confused to what is next

How do I get in and be apart of what is best

Try harder going faster my self is driven

Ignoring thyself and that which is given

What is it I am not seeing in this storm of emotion?

My head keeps telling me the ways of motion

Stirring and twirling of the thought of notion

Yet I feel the trauma of being not real

Trying to fit in to the world the deal

My body gives out and slams the doors

The true dealer of truth brings me to the floor

Past behavior doesn’t work anymore

What has worked before is gone but why

I sit still and express and cry

The wall is here no place for me to go

That is the mind the one of control

My heart is screaming to be heard right now

Is it stronger than my mind that one I allow

I scramble and look to others for my answer

Found out they too have same controlling master

This is not the way of the heart

Must release and find my start

Detach I say and go within seek inner knowledge to release the sin

Look to love of self and gift to others for the reflection within

Therefore I speak of my lesson only

No Judgment or blame of them on me

How do I fit in I say

Is only be truthful in all that I say

The gift I receive I need to gift it away.

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