Dad I forgive you for the time we have missed.

I forgive you for the wrong things said.

I forgive you for mistakes in the past, they are dead.

I realize the love you have for me.

For my heart is the same with my children you see.

I accept you now the way that you are

Your uniqueness is only that of a star

Dad I will tell you this now, which seems hard to say

I love you dearly in my own special way

You have given me a strength that I can’t explain

And I remember you said be proud of my name

Life hands us all great lessons to learn

Some upfront, some hard to discern.

Dad I know your Dad didn’t show his love when you were a kid.

The pain you endured has been so great but you have lived.

And it is, at this moment that counts and you have a chance to share

All that life taught you with none to spare

In understanding at this time what has happened here

I hope we can be closer than ever this year

Open your mind and your wisdom to me.

So to nourish the tools to be greater than thee

Maybe through ME your gifts will go on

And peace is yours and we will all have won

Love April

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