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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

original post date 2018-04-21

This poem was a result of appreciation I had when working with a trainer to get me moving again. I injured myself using exercise as a stress reliever rather than working through the issues that caused this behavior.

The patterns that I had developed kept creating a place I did not want to be. I would continue to do the same thing. I would work out hard and get the relief from the endorphins but I was not aware of doing the same things over and over again. I found that using this experience it could transfer into other areas of my life. I realized that I needed help. At this time it took pain to stop me in my tracks.

The beautiful thing about working with a trainer is that he could observe me from a multidimensional view. This lesson is transferable to all areas of my life. Enjoy this poem and see areas that maybe you can relate to.

Marry yourself on this path to a healthier life style

Don’t worry about the past or where you’ve been this last while

Just remember the trainer holds everything in view

Paving the way for balance and renew

One that really sees the person – is the one that can be that person

Relating to experiences creates connection

Let’s build together the vision or intention

Sometimes we need help to make a change

Setting up the place and the needed stage

Eyes can guide from the outside

To get stronger with one by your side

Combining the whole picture is the magic of a master

To help each individual work harder at get there faster

A warm heart is another great addition

Helps heal each step for a bigger rendition

Trusting the trainer for your wellness is kept whole

A commitment of passion and to those it will show

It will fall into areas of your life as a surprise

Letting go of many places of relenting demise

Walk tall my friend and feel the difference

Self- confidence, respect and finally acceptance

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