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"Boring Boring Same Old Same Old" Her mothers name is "It has always been that way so don't change it Same Old Same Old" and her fathers name is "If it is not broken don't fix it Same Old Same Old" Boring Boring Same Old Same Old came into an understanding that she actually has the skills to make changes is her life. She did realize that keeping the things the same because of opposition from her parents did not stop her. She realized that she needed to take the lead if there was a change that was going to happen to help people.

"Boring Boring Same Old Same Old" took the lead despite👏 the attacks from small minded people. "Boring Boring Same Old Same Old" found a place for the seniors in her in her community to speak up. She realized they needed to be heard because they had influence and are diversified. She brought all the different cultures together and was able to make change for her community Harmony River. It was so exciting for "Boring Boring Same Old Same Old" that she decided to change her name to "Big Changes Don't Stop"👍 Always remember "When you know what you do, then you can to what you know" Thank You this is April with the Acting House of Healing. "What is your Character Traitor that you want to change to a Character Trait?" We need to learn how to have fun!

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