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Are you a puppet?


  • Do you believe everything you are told?

  • Would you like to find your foundation that supports you?

  • What character traitor has a hold on you?

Her Mother's name is "Ditzy Daisy takes the plan"

and her fathers name is "Dufus Donkey sets the plan"

Penny thought her father was a leader and later to came to realize that the name means otherwise.

Penny was affected by her father to listen to everything that he said and did.

However, after looking at the plan that Dufus did for the vacation.

She determined the destiny was off my 250 miles. She asked her mother about this, and she said, "Oh it is OK, don't worry about it." Penny followed the plan for a while.

She did some research and discovered that her Dufus Father was not a leader at all. He was taking pay offs and had his own agenda.

What is funny, is, that Penny learned that Dufus controlled her and her mother, but she learned that he was also being controlled.

Penny is on a mission to expose the wrong doings done to her and her mother.

She also believes that this is the beginning of others coming together that are like minded and tired of being a Puppet.

She knows her mother will just agree with her because that is all she does is agree.

Penny is working for the greater good of people to stand up against fraud and misuse of power.

What would you like a shift in your life?

You can listen to the podcast here:

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