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A Heart of Many Layers

I am blessed to have you in my life.

It is a rare experience to have the friendship of this height

We have laughed together many a time – In New York a trophy moment

On the bus home from a golf tournament was also potent

I feel so good around you I know that I can count on you

If I were to go through life with one friend I am proud because it is you

We have cried together and shared deep and painful times

Healing in exchange of our words and maybe a little wine

We have taken many walks on the reservoir or in the woods

Always a special exchange confirm what we can and could

Not blocking growth or staying stuck we lift each other up

Your intelligence and beauty sometimes I am Ah struck

Using your heart and your eyes to see keeps me moving when I couldn’t be free

So it is 60 years you have been on this earth

I think your soul is timeless and the years are jewels in your purse.

For you are a treasure, a pleasure, no measure to meet

A light A voice A hug Unique.

The words are only a small part to say

Thank You my friend forever and a day.

You’re Friend


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