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A name that defines the gift that you have given to me …my Angel with in

When I came to you I was broken and did not believe I could win

I did not believe I could take it anymore then I fell into the wings of your gentle heart

Giving me some hope and the promise of a new start

The one that understands the depth of despair is the one that has the ability to care

Your eyes were wide and you paid attention

To the restless parts and the lack of attention

Gently coming in and providing direction

Your knowledge and whole mind perception always worked with ease and intention

To this I am so very grateful for now and for ever more

The gifts you have are good and well refined

Going beyond the practical and the expected defined

What you did was not the ability for me to find work

You gave me back to myself and kept me going to assert

Your strength lifted me out from under the bullying to understand

You helped me let go and now to take a stand

There were the parts I couldn’t heal if it wasn’t for you

The change of perception changed everything in what I do

Your skill set is most respected and effective

Your love of what you do is why you were selected

Your authentic honest and strong and true

I will never ever ever forget you.

Thank You to the Angel within. (Angelah)

Love April Getz

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