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For me to be here - you were there. I thank you

I am glad I was there - for me to hear – I thank you

We hear about the Army and we see it on TV

We watch what you do however I ask do we really see

Maybe it isn’t a question of being able to watch

Perhaps it is an understanding of what was really fought

Do I get it that you did this for me so I can drink clean water and be free?

Honestly no - that is an experience that is raw and digs so very deep

I complain about the traffic while you are comforting a dying comrade and internally weep

Loyalty is redefined in the Soldiers view

We do scavenger hunts and barbeques

Hoping to be first by getting the clues

We laugh and enjoy the outdoors the barbequed steak so fresh

Completely oblivious to even think it could remind you of burning flesh

Who can understand the value of Duty like you?

To demonstrate the meaning of WE is what is really true

Respect is something that is innate and must be given as a natural rule

The universal principle falls within first and if you miss it you are a fool

Selfless Service is ingrained and now part of what is me as a person

Your fellow human being takes priority

I think this reaches far more than seniority

The connections at the heart is what wins in time

Moving the impossible from now to the devine

Honor a source of fairness and integrity of ones actions

So important to instill and change our focus from the latest fashions

I beg you to tell it all with no fluff or pretty it up we must hear

Your life has meaning that pretty much obliterated fear

Personal Courage is an area that you developed more than most of us

Both physical and emotional that can shift our purpose to make things right and just

Ardvan you served and lost your wife

Many do not understand the price of this strife

Even now being so aware much more than most

So keen to sounds and everything around you

Perhaps you could teach this skill

Maybe not to the stupid ones who know nothing of what is real

You make knifes and love the craft

Yet what have you done to let go of the crap?

What can you carve out for your place here and now

Utilize the anger, grief, and sorrow for how

Can you feel that if you share?

The burdens of this deep despair

Will eventually fall away in their eyes

Only to say thank you for your wisdom and free from their own demise

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