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April can help you to Discover your character traitors through her unique Character Traitor Workshops

Humor is at the center of April Getz’s philosophy. She believes that humor is one of the most powerful ways a person can self-explore and enrich themselves. She does this through a unique and imaginary process. First, by examining what your character traitors are. Because no one is one-dimensional, we all have various traits, or sides of our personality. For instance, there may be a judgmental version of yourself, there might be a version of you that blames others for your problems, there may also be part of you that is always concerned with being right above all else.

April teaches people to identify these different character traits. She accomplishes this through running character traitor workshops. After doing so, you turn the character traitor into an actual character. By doing so, you remove the barrier of self and are able to converse with these various character traits directly. April likes to turn this process into a humorous one, allowing individuals to explore and express themselves by interrogating these versions of themselves. By externalizing these character traitors through performance, by exaggerating their traits through comedic performance, you are more easily able to recognize how these traits can negatively affect your life. By grappling with these character traitors and becoming intimate with them, you can then plot an effective emotional roadmap with how to deal with them. The next time you are feeling judgmental, you will know this character traitor and their traits. In short, they will be like an old friend that you can predict and work with or against, depending on the situation.

April’s Character Traitor workshops can help you discover your character traitors, how to express those emotions, and how to deal with them going forward. It is a dynamic, original, and most importantly, humorous way to explore yourself.

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