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April Getz believes in conscious change using humor

Humor is often a more effective tool for self-diagnosis and discovering self-awareness than it is given credit for. After all, there is something to the old adage “each joke contains a grain of truth.” Humor allows us to discuss difficult, sometimes painful ideas and traits about ourselves. It helps us realize what is important and how outrageous life can be. Humor is something that April Getz believes in and uses throughout all of her work. "How to Laugh at yourself"

Whether it is part of her 90 day role play workshops, the Character Traitor workshops, her video blog, or podcast, humor is the cornerstone of how April approaches her work and her passion. By prioritizing humor and focusing on people creating these exaggerated, externalized versions of themselves, they now have a full-blown, outrageous character with which they can literally converse. Talking to a characterized version of yourself may sound a bit silly, but all you have to do is read the testimonials to see how effective this method is. Chances are you probably spend a lot of time arguing and conversing with your inner selves all the time. By creating structure and applying methods to this, you can finally get at what has been bothering you for so many years. You can literally argue with yourself! By emphasizing humor, this exercise becomes more constructive and less destructive.

It is time to take control of who you are and discover yourself, your beautiful and whacky inner multitudes. The more you explore yourself, the more you can rediscover your passions, your wonderful eccentricities, and the sooner you can stop acting like people want you to, and more like the person you want to become. Here are some examples that you may relate to; how to forgive yourself, how to have more fun, how to overcome burn out.  April believes that we all have self guidance that you can tap into using humor.

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